In The Kitchen With: Haste's Kitchen

Former Gastro-pub chef and current Men’s Health writer, Ian Haste has been running his enormously popular Haste’s Kitchen YouTube channel since 2014. Creating a wealth of easy to follow, delicious and healthy meals, Ian specialises in making dishes people can recreate at home. Ian’s passion for bringing a modern twist to traditional recipes meant we couldn’t wait to see what he’d create using the ZENB Yellow Pea Penne pasta.

Discover how to make Ian's tasty triple cheese, creamy chicken and herb ZENB penne pasta bake below. Or follow the step by step instructions here - enjoy!

Discover more about Ian Haste and where his inspiration for his tasty Haste Kitchen dishes come from! 

Tell us a bit about you, how long have you been cooking for? How did Haste’s Kitchen start?

I was a head chef 24 years ago for a local gastro pub, I then came out of the industry to work within a software company (I found the long hours ridiculously over whelming) I then worked in London for 12 years. My wife worked away in America for large periods of the year but when we wanted to have kids, we decided to move back to London. This is when Hastes Kitchen started, I wanted to create healthy quick recipes that were easy for anyone to learn, I filmed my first video on YouTube, and it went from there. Jamie Oliver found the Channel and offered me a FoodTube contract for his channel. Move forward 8 years and Hastes Kitchen is continuing to grow and supply numerous brands and company’s with recipes and ideas.

What are your favourite dishes to make?

Anything Italian inspired, Thai cuisine and my Sunday lunch has a bit of a reputation to bring too many people over to eat.

Lockdown has inspired many of us to rediscover the joys of cooking – what advice would you give to anyone who is keen to do more cooking?

I would advise cooking should be fun and inventive, so try and get the family involved as much as possible and pass on skills to children. Get involved with growing, preparing experimenting with different vegetables and produce and also with trying various cuisines.

Where do you find inspiration for your dishes?

I find massive inspiration from travel with so many cuisines becoming popular from places we are still learning from, i.e. Middle Eastern areas, Afgan, Albanian, Syrian, Serbian etc.

How did you come up with your triple cheese, creamy chicken, spinach and herb penne pasta bake ZENB recipe?

I create recipes weekly with recipe testing happening pretty much daily. This was a quick recipe which I knew people would enjoy with its references to the classic Mac & Cheese.

Have you ever cooked with Yellow Peas before?

Yes, Spinach and yellow split pea Dahl is one of my favourite dishes.

How did you find the pasta cooked?

Great bite, perfect when cooking  al dente, holds together really well and If I’m perfectly honest, I couldn’t tell the difference between ZENB and traditional flour pasta.

Eating seasonally is a big topic right now, do you have any tips you can share on how we can incorporate seasonal ingredients into our meals?

I highly recommend everyone to look into foraging courses, there’s so many great ones around and these will teach you all the basics on seasonality and wheat can be used in your surrounding areas. I would also look at trying to grow any crops you can within the garden on even window boxes. Chasing the seasons is so, so important.

What ingredients couldn’t you live without?

Spices! I always have a huge spice pantry which I add too from any travels I go on. I’m also a huge greens lover, so brascicas are a huge favourite in our house. I also love pasta, rice and working with spicy curry type recipes.

At ZENB we are dedicated to helping raise awareness around issues of food waste – do you have any hacks on how to reduce waste when preparing meals?

I always try and cook in large bathes and freeze (I think the freezer is our biggest friend for helping with waste) and buy quick frozen vegetables. Also, if you are already turning the oven on, why not prepare and cook more meals to go into the freezer, you are saving oven energy and gaining more meals.

And finally, what’s coming up next for you?

Every week is different with the company, with many exciting brands to work with along with some great recipe creation opportunities. I would also like to continue with a second book to follow up on my ‘The 7 Day Basket’ publication.