We are a Japanese-inspired food & lifestyle brand that offers, plant-based products and veggie-based snacks, which include parts of the vegetables traditionally overlooked, like skin, seeds, and stems. Our plant-based products are made with both people and the planet in mind to help everyone live a more balanced happy life.

It’s pronounced “zen-b”. ZENB comes from the word Zenbu, which is the Japanese expression for whole, as in as much of the whole vegetable as possible, including stems, seeds, and skin.

We currently offer a range of products: Yellow Pea Pasta, Pasta Agile which cooks in 2 minutes, ZENB Pasta Sauce and ZENB Veggie and Fruit Bites. For more information on our products, visit: https://zenb.co.uk/

ZENB products are only available through our own online store at ZENB.co.uk

Yes, all our products are vegan and gluten free.

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ZENB is about more effectively harnessing the possibilities of nature in order to achieve more mindful food production. For us, that means raising awareness about reducing food waste, educating others on the benefits of using parts of the vegetable that are often overlooked and using recycled and recyclable packaging wherever possible.

Using more of the whole vegetable allows us to use parts of the vegetable that are typically overlooked, like peels, stems, seeds, and core. Here at ZENB, We're encouraging our community to reduce their own food waste by composting and using these additional parts of veggies in their own cooking.

“Whole vegetable” means that we use parts of the vegetable that are typically overlooked, such as seeds and stems. These parts of the veggie, though not typically used, are worth enjoying.

Well, why not? These parts of the vegetables are nutrient dense and provide more fibre than if you just ate the typical parts of the veggie. Want to know more? Check out our philosophy around the plant-based ingredients we love here: Ingredient Philosophy

ZENB Yellow Pea Pasta is currently made in the US. We're looking to bring production closer to home.

ZENB Pasta is pasta made from yellow peas as the only ingredient. Thanks to the yellow peas, it's naturally gluten free and boasts an range of benefits. It's high in protein, fibre, potassium, phosphorous and a source of iron!

There's 44g Carbohydrates per 85g serving of uncooked ZENB Pasta.

ZENB Pasta is made with only a single ingredient, yellow peas, and is entirely vegan.

Pasta is not necessarily a low carb food but our Carbohydrate value tends to be lower than other pastas. There's 44g Carbohydrates per 85g serving of uncooked ZENB Pasta. Read more from a qualified Nutritional Therapist on ZENB Pasta and Carbs here: https://zenb.co.uk/blogs/articles/pasta-carbs-ultimate-guide-your-questions-answered

The best way to prepare our Pasta is to boil it until the pasta is at your desired firmness. We include directions on every box of pasta for recommended preparation, but you can prepare ZENB Pasta using any method you would try with a traditional pasta. The standard directions to cook our pasta are as follows: Bring about 4 litres of water to a boil (you can use slightly less if you're trying to save water). Add salt to taste. Add ZENB Pasta. Cook uncovered, stirring occasionally, until desired firmness - for Fusilli and Macaroni, 10 minutes for a more al dente pasta and 13 minutes for a softer texture. For Penne, 12 to 15 minutes. Drain well and serve just as you would traditional pasta. Note: Water may foam as a natural result of the cooking process of yellow peas.

The serving sizes listed on every box of ZENB Pasta represent uncooked pasta.

When boiling ZENB Pasta, a little more foaming may occur than traditional pasta. This is due to the natural result of the cooking process for yellow peas (the single ingredient in ZENB Pasta!) Some tips to decrease the foam: stir frequently, turn the burner down to a lower heat, add a splash of oil to the water, and/or scrape some foam off the top.

We've measured the nutritional values for our Pasta based on an uncooked serving. This is because the amount of water absorbed during cooking is different based on how long the Pasta is cooked for. A longer boil time = more water absorption and can impact the final product nutrition.

Peas are well-adapted to semiarid conditions where there is no access to irrigation, being more drought tolerant than cereals (wheat) or oilseeds (canola). Legumes have been shown to increase soil microbial diversity. Read more about our research on the yellow pea here: https://zenb.co.uk/blogs/news/environmental-impact-of-the-yellow-pea

Pasta Agile is the newest shape in the ZENB 100% Yellow Pea pasta range. Its unique and thin cut shape means that it cooks quicker than normal pasta and has more versatile cooking methods.

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