In The Kitchen With: Zeinah Nur

As well as being a busy mum of two, Zeinah is also an established content creator. A pro at creating simple yet delicious meals that the whole family can enjoy, Zeinah loves to make meals that can be rustled up quickly, so she’s been able to show us how to get the most from ZENB Pasta in a dish designed for when time is of the essence.

Using our tasty Yellow Pea Pasta, Zeinah creates a simple yet delicious dinner guaranteed to please the whole family. Click here for the step by step instructions or watch the video below.

We also had the opportunity to sit down with Zeinah and chat all things food, family and the importance of spending time outside. 

Tell us a bit about you, what are you up to at the moment?

I’m a mother of 2 always juggling something, at the moment, we’re about to celebrate Eid which is a few days celebration after a month of fasting from sunrise to sunset.

Have you always loved cooking?

I haven’t always loved cooking actually, but ever since becoming a mother and having children to cook for and feed, I’ve learnt how to cook pretty quickly by experimenting - mostly winging it! But my favourite recipes are quick, easy and simple to follow that even those that can’t cook will be able to make and enjoy.

As lockdown eases, we know many of us will be getting back into our busy schedules – do you have any tips on how to create tasty family meals when you’re tight on time?

I’m always tight on time, so quick, easy but tasty meals are my go-to. My tip when tight on time is to go for the easiest option, which for me is a one pot pasta. You throw your ingredients into a pot with water, spices and it’s done in no time. And my favourite thing about one pot pasta dishes is almost no clean up!

How do encourage your children to try new foods?

I tell them about how the food was grown, it makes for an interesting story and then I tell them what the benefits of the food is, I always like to relate it to their favourite character. I also like to make sure we’re eating what I’m trying to encourage them to eat, so they see its delicious it’s not just me trying to feed them something I wouldn’t eat myself. Another tip is to serve them new food once a week, eventually they will try it.

When cooking, what are the must-have ingredients that you couldn’t live without?

Salt and pepper is the obvious one, eggs are a major one for me too as they’re so versatile and you can make so many different things with them. Lemon, because I absolutely love zing in my food, whether it’s pasta or rice, I need lemon. Lastly, olive oil. I cannot cook with any other oil, you can use it for so many things, dressing, cooking, drizzling on top of food.

Your Cajun Chicken and Ricotta Pasta recipe you made using the ZENB Penne is delicious - what was the inspiration behind it?

Definitely my children, it’s a pasta dish I make at least once a week and they absolutely love it, whether it has chicken added to it or not, it’s one meal I know they will finish and thoroughly enjoy.

You’ve talked about how much you love getting outside with your family, what are your favourite outdoor activities with your children?

One of our favourite outdoor activity has to be visiting a farm, the kids love interacting with all types of animals and feeding them. Rabbits are a firm favourite, but if we want to get out and about a long hike in the woods exploring is always a winner too.

What do you love most about being in nature?

There’s always something new to explore and to see. You get a different feeling each time even if you’re going to the same place over and over. I love getting fresh air as it makes me appreciate the ability I have to even move, walk and really experience nature around us.

Would you recommend ZENB Pasta as a family friendly product? What did your children think of the ZENB Pasta?

100%! I think we’re making a switch from wheat pasta, especially after the reading up on the benefits of yellow peas.

And finally – what have you got coming up?

Quite a lot of family plans, plans of my own too. Planning on starting a new business venture soon, all very exciting stuff.