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What’s your favourite flavour?

Now you’ve tried our Veggie Sticks, do you have a favourite?

Edit your subscription to max out on the flavour you loved most — or simply select a variety — in a range of box sizes!

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Finished with your box?

There’s more than one way to recycle. Why not try these great ideas?

Turn it inside out and use for your next parcel

Grow cress

Make gift labels

Create a ball maze

REcipe of the month

Here’s a new recipe to try — Lauren Lovatt’s Underground Salad!

Whether you prefer pickled carrots or roasted roots, you can mix and match your favourite parts to make your own perfect lunch for on the go.

Planting seeds of joy

Brighten up your garden with a collection of colourful wildflowers using the seeds included in our Veggie Sticks Variety Box.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Soak your seed paper in water overnight
  • Fill three quarters of a planter pot with potting soil
  • Place the wet seed paper in the planter, then add a lighter layer of soil on top
  • Water well for the first four to six weeks
  • Transplant the sprouts to a permanent outdoor location!

Good luck, gardener 😊


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