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We are proud and excited to be partnering with world famous FC Barcelona to demonstrate the benefits of gluten-free food experiences that can be incorporated into your everyday life and help play an important role in supporting and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

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Meet the ZENB 1st Team

ZENB PASTA: Goalkeeper
Ever reliable it holds the team together, it’s made from 100% Yellow Peas and gives you the al dente bite every time. Come in four shapes, contains 17g of protein & 11g of fibre per serving, it’s gluten free and delicious
Hard tackling flavour with a silky touch! Made with as much of the whole veg as possible, it counts as 1 of your 5 a day per serving and is a source of fibre.
Not just fast but versatile! Unique in shape and it performs well every time. It’s also high in protein, fibre and potassium. No pre boil necessary, you can add it directly to your sauce and cooks in 2 minutes!
AGILE BOWLS: Star Striker
Being quick and sometimes spicy they are perfect for leading the line when you are in a hurry. They are new to the team and have set out to impress, with six international flavours.


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To Slurp, or Not To Slurp??
Join us and the FC Barcelona first team stars as we discuss the finer points of spaghetti eating etiquette.