By Lauren Lovatt

Celebrating the wonderful roots that grow underground, this salad is the perfectlunch on the go. You can make all the recipes on their own, then enjoy them indifferent combinations though the week. 

Serves 2

Roasted Roots


250g  of your favourite root vegetables, washed and peeled if necessary

1         tbsp olive oilPinch of salt

1         bunch rosemary and/or thyme

2        beetroot, roasted and peeled raw beetroot

35g   walnuts

2        tbsp olive oil

Pinch of salt 


Using a blender, simply blend everything together until smooth. Enjoy as a dip or asthe base to this gorgeous salad.

Pickled Carrots


2    medium carrots

1     lemon

½  tsp salt


Using a vegetable peeler, ribbon the carrots into long thin strips. Then massagewith the lemon and salt to soften the carrots. Set aside until ready toserve.

These carrots will continue to mellow and soften and are great for a few days if making a big batch.



125g      quinoa (our preference is smoked)

250ml  water


Wash the quinoa well. Then add it to a saucepan of water, bring to aboil with the lid on and simmer for around 15 minutes. Test to see if it’s done — the quinoa should split apart and no longer be hard in the middle.

Turn off the heat and put a piece of kitchen paper between the lid and thepan. This makes the quinoa very fluffy.

Put to one side until ready to serve.

Herb dressing


1  bunch parsley, washed and dried

1  clove garlic

½  tbsp mustard

½  tsp honey

225ml  extra virgin olive oil

50ml  apple cider vinegar


This is a simple dressing that can be chopped or blended. If you have a blender,add everything and blend until the dressing is vibrant green.If working with a knife, simply chop the parsley and add to a mason jar. Addeverything else and shake well.

Green leaves


250g  green leaves

4-6  tbsp of herb dressing


Simply toss all of the ingredients together and enjoy!

to serve

Flick the beetroot on to the plate then add a spoonful of quinoa, carrot ribbons,roasted roots and all the leaves on top. Enjoy as a nourishing lunch and the perfectmeal when on the go!