The ZENB10: March '22

Whilst we always advise our community members to "Live ZENB", we do acknowledge that there has to be more to a life well lived than simply eating yellow pea pasta.

Therefore, taking our ethos of "Wholeness" to heart (ZENBU, translates as the Japanese for Whole after all) we thought we should have a more fully rounded take on how to live a more diverse, sustainable, (dare we say interesting) life.

Welcome to the ZENB10.

Life is packed with choices, so much to do, so much to see, so much to eat, so little time, oh - and what was that podcast i was supposed to listen to!?!  You get the picture...

Let us give you a guided tour with our curated checklist of what Team ZENB feel are the best ways to get the most out of the month ahead.  

What to read? What to watch? Recipe Ideas, shopping inspo - we’ve got you covered!

What to do?   WORDLE

Have you heard anyone talking about Wordle yet?

Are you tired of hearing people taking about Wordle yet??

It’s a highly addictive word game, to help you get a brain workout.

The best thing, there’s only one puzzle per day, so as addictive as it is, it can't turn into a sinkhole for your time – sorry candy crush!

There's a five letter word on the other side of this link. You get 6 goes to guess what it is.

To tell you any more would ruin the fun.  Enjoy!

What to listen to?   FORKING WELLNESS

What the “fork” is wellness? 

There’s so much information on the internet about nutrition and wellbeing but unless you’re reading a 17,000 word journal article, it’s difficult to know whether it’s scientifically true! 

Take it from the professionals: Registered Nutritionist, Sophie Bertrand and Registered Dietitian, Bari Stricoff, who provide you with their knowledge about nutrition and wellness. 

Whether you’re interested in learning about the importance of sleep or understanding how food affects our mood, this podcast will make health and wellness information more accessible for you. 

New episodes coming soon on Apple Podcasts!

Forking Wellness on Apple Podcasts

Where to go?   PARKRUN

Head to a local park near you to get involved with the local community by running, jogging or walking 5km. This is a supportive route into exercising in your local community whether you’re up for the challenge of a ‘Couch to 5km’, resolving to get more active or chasing a Personal Best. There are over 750 locations in 23 countries with the majority in the UK. The benefits are recognised by the medical profession as Parkrun participation is now prescribed by a growing number of GPs for mental and physical wellbeing. 

Why not try it yourself? Go to to register, it’s Free, For Everyone, Forever. As an added bonus it gives a lot back through local and regional charity projects.

What to buy?   KILLA VANILLA

If you’re like us, it gets to that point in the afternoon where you really just fancy a sweet snack. Well, that sometimes also snowballs into lots of chocolate, sweet drinks, you name it!

We stumbled across “Killa Vanilla” a couple of weeks ago, the concept is very intriguing. They claim to be able to help you kick your craving over a 3 month period by using a sweet scented vanilla stick that you take a whiff of whenever you fancy a sweet treat, and there seems to be plenty of neuroscience to back it up. 

We are one week into our guinea pig trial, let’s see how this goes!!


Friend of the brand Lauren has just released this great book about sustainable cooking.

Her publisher says “come for a holistic toolbox of insights into how to live in sync with the world”

We say “stay for the super great recipes!


What if I told you your next new favourite show would be about a wild eyed man discussing fermentation. You'd call me mad right? Well, welcome to the world of Brad Leone.

Not your traditional “chef”, Brad was actually the kitchen manager of Bon Appetit magazine's test kitchen in New York.

The more videos that were filmed there, the more Brad moved from background character to forefront star as his personality shone through.

A super relaxed presentation style allied to a frenetic editing style combines to make some of the most entertaining yet informative viewing on YouTube - welcome to your new comfort watch.

What to drink?   A GREEN GIANT

Spring is upon us so if you are looking for a fresh tasting drink that’s not super sweet then look no further. This cocktail delivers a fresh from the garden vibe - you know, that taste of a sugar snap pea picked straight from the vine. It might sound like a slightly usual combination of ingredients but trust us, it works…..fresh, crisp and delicious, bring on Spring! 

Check out the recipe here: Green Giant Cocktail | Social Hour (

What to wear?   BAM

In a world where the garment industry produces 10% of all global carbon emissions, clothing brand BAM are breaking the industry reputation and have set themselves the ambitious goal of becoming impact positive by 2030, identifying and quantifying any negative impact they have and reducing it to zero. It's ambitious but so refreshing!

But this isn't the only reason we are calling out BAM. Their clothes are made from bamboo, they’re comfy, kind to your skin, and are temperature controlling making them great for all kinds of activities from yoga to hiking, to boot camp and HIIT (t)raining. 

Fed up with fast fashion? Then head to BAM.


Looking for a delicious recipe to add to your cookbook? We can guarantee this one will go down a treat, featuring our NEW Sweet Carrot Gourmet Sauce

Brought to you by our collaborator  @anna_janecka, this cozy, family-friendly meal is a hearty and satisfying meatless dish that's perfect for hungry appetites.

Who to follow?   SPICY MOUSTACHE

At ZENB we know the importance of veggies and we celebrate the ones who follow the same matra! Meet Alessandro from Spicy Moustache, a London tattoo artist who turned his city backyard into a wonderful urban garden.

Alessandro has a YouTube & Instagram channel where he shares tips on how to grow vegetables in the most sustainable way possible, helping to reduce carbon emission levels in the city. 

Check him out!