The Best Gluten Free Pasta Recipes in 2023

Living a gluten-free lifestyle can be both a necessity and a personal choice, but one recurring challenge is the search for delicious pasta options with both great taste and texture. Whether you're diagnosed with celiac disease or simply opt to avoid gluten, finding pasta that satisfies both your taste buds and dietary restrictions can feel like an uphill (mushy!) battle.

However, fret not, as this article aims to provide you with a ray of recipe inspiration. Get ready to embark on a flavourful journey as we delve into the world of gluten-free pasta recipes!

Gluten free pasta is not only for celiacs

Gluten-free pasta is not only suitable for those with ceoliac disease, but can also offer various different benefits for others. Firstly, it caters to those with gluten sensitivities or wheat allergies, providing them with a safe and enjoyable alternative. Secondly, gluten-free pasta options often incorporate nutrient-rich ingredients like quinoa, brown rice, lentils, or our favourite peas! Enhancing the overall nutritional value. 

Additionally, it can aid in maintaining a balanced diet by diversifying grain sources and expanding culinary options. It promotes overall digestive health and can be part of a gluten-reduced diet for individuals seeking to improve digestion, reduce inflammation, or explore new nutritious choices.

Tips to cook gluten free pasta

When it comes to cooking gluten-free pasta, a few tips and tricks can make all the difference. First, be sure to generously salt your boiling water to enhance the pasta's flavour. Secondly, avoid overcooking gluten-free pasta, as it can quickly become mushy. Regularly check for the desired al dente texture, which will be recommended on the packaging.

ZENB pasta is cooked much the same as all pastas, our biggest tip is keep stirring and testing for the desired texture, remember all shapes of pasta are cooked at different times, we like to drain ours a few minutes before it is fully cooked through, so that it keeps that, al dente crunch. Another ZENB top tip is to keep some of the pasta cooking water and add to your sauce for maximum flavour!

Spaghetti Bolognese with Mushroom Ragu

This veggie mushroom Bolognese is a delicious and satisfying pasta dish that replaces traditional meat-based bolognese sauce with a flavourful and nutritious vegetable and mushroom medley and your traditional wheat based pasta with our 100% gluten free ZENB Spaghetti!

This plant based sauce is full of light savoury mushrooms, spices and juicy flavours, mixed with the warm and hearty taste of garlic, black pepper and red wine. Using as much of the whole vegetable as possible, this sauce is also 1 of your 5 a day, a source of fibre and of course gluten free. Enjoy the convenient two portion size of the 250g pouches, available in packs of 3 and 6.

Making this gluten-free veggie Bolognese is not only a great option for individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease but also a wonderful choice for anyone looking to explore new flavours, incorporate more plant-based meals into the week, or simply enjoy a wholesome, warming and nutritious dish. 

Link to the recipe.

Lemon Asparagus Pasta Recipe

This plant-based Lemon Pasta recipe takes inspiration from the Italian classic Pasta al Limone but adds a unique twist. With just a few simple ingredients, including our ZENB Fusilli, it's the perfect go-to gluten free option for a busy weeknight when you crave a quick and satisfying dinner. 

Bursting with zesty lemon flavours and boasting extra protein from the Yellow Pea Pasta, this dish comes together in under 30 minutes, making it a speedy and nutritious choice for your meal. 

Link to the recipe.

Veggie Confetti Stir-Fry

Embrace the vibrant joy of confetti-like celebrations! Why limit the festivity to special occasions when you can infuse your daily dining experience with colour and vitality? Give our gluten free Veggie Confetti Stir-Fry skillet, a delightful and visually stunning dish, that transforms a basic stir fry recipe into a kaleidoscope of flavour and texture.

At the heart lies the versatile ZENB Pasta Agile, made with only one ingredient, this tiny but mighty pasta is high in protein, fibre and gluten free. Each forkful is packed with an abundance of vegetables and is low in fat, making it a smart choice for those seeking a balanced and nutritious diet. 

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Chicken Mushroom Pasta

Indulge in the perfect blend of comfort and nutrition with our Chicken Mushroom Pasta recipe, featuring ZENB Fusilli as its star ingredient. This delectable dish not only satisfies your taste buds but also nourishes your body with a wholesome dose of protein and fibre. Succulent pieces of tender chicken work perfectly with the earthy, sautéed mushrooms.

Meanwhile, the ZENB Fusilli, known for its remarkable protein and fibre content, adds a hearty twist to this classic pasta dish. With each bite, you'll savour the goodness of this gluten free pasta while knowing you're treating yourself to a meal that not only satisfies your cravings but also supports your overall well-being. 

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Brown Butter Agile With Crispy Shallots

Elevate your culinary experience with the irresistible pairing of ZENB Pasta Agile and crispy shallots, beautifully complemented by the sweet and earthy essence of leeks.

This is a creamy, indulgent dish, whether you choose to showcase it as a show-stopping side dish or savour it as a satisfying meal, this recipe boasts not only its delectable flavour but also high fibre content, making it a wholesome choice for those seeking a balance of taste and nutrition. 


Link to the recipe.

Final thoughts

In summary, eating gluten-free pasta provides a safe and enjoyable option for those with specific dietary restrictions, while also offering nutritional benefits, improved digestion, and the opportunity to explore new flavours and ingredients. Gluten-free pasta can also be part of a balanced diet for individuals who simply choose to reduce their gluten intake. It also offers a chance to incorporate alternative ingredients into weekly meals, leading to a more varied and nutrient-rich diet, that the whole family can enjoy!

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