team zenb take part in a veganuary workplace challnge!

To celebrate our friends at veganary, we decided to practice what we preach and set the ZENB team to work to learn how to make a fully plant based three course meal, with the help from our friend and talented chef Lauren Lovatt.

We wanted to learn new skills but also to keep the recipes budget friendly and easy to transfer to the kitchen at home! Lauren, like us, is all about using as much of the ingredients as possible to avoid any food waste and making sure the ingredients are in season and sustainably sourced.

Check out how the ZENB team got on:

Keep your eyes peeled, full recipes coming to our website soon: 

  • Wild Mushroom Spaghetti, with hemp and parsley pesto, tahini parmesan.
  • Massaged (yes you read that right!) Kale
  • Tomato Dip
  • Sauerkraut & Seed crackers
  • Beetroot and bean truffles

Why Vegan?

A vegan diet also has significant environmental benefits. Animal farming uses 83% of our farmland but gives us just 18% of our calories and the industry is hungry for land. Farming animals has led to forests and other habitats being destroyed. This not only releases even more climate-changing gasses, it means there are fewer trees on the planet to absorb the CO2. It’s a devastating double whammy.

Making a difference

Since Veganuary’s launch in 2014, over 2 million people have taken the pledge to eat vegan for 31 days.

The environmental impact of 2 million participants is huge!

  • 12.4 million litres of water saved
  • 207,680 tonnes of co2 eq saved - equivalent to 2.4 million flights from London to Paris
  • 6.7 million animals spared from a lifetime of suffering

ZENB also has a limited offer on all ZENB products until the end of february, over on Veganuarys site. Loads of other fantastic brands got involved, make sure you check it out!