We all know the special feelings we get from stepping into the great outdoors and being surrounded by all the wonders of nature – from familiar trees to awe-inspiring, snow-capped mountains.

 A new report commissioned by ZENB from i2 media research at Goldsmiths University of London proves Mother Nature really does have the power to improve our moods.

Chef, author, all-round wellness guru and host of ZENB’s Bites of Nature podcasts Jasmine Hemsley says: “This research demonstrates really neatly how even ‘snackable’ portions of nature can improve your wellbeing".

“The fact that scenes such as woodlands can have such a benefit by inspiring clarity of mind and that the sea can sooth anxiety, is so important at this time when so many of us are experiencing such uncertainty and upheaval.”

Check out more on the report’s findings here.

And here are ZENB’s seven handy tips on how to let nature give your spirits a lift – wherever you are.

1. If your schedule is packed, snack on small bites of nature – a short stroll in your local park or even three minutes every few hours in your garden, on your doorstep or enjoying trees through your window.

2. Immerse yourself in nature and enjoy it for what it is, with no distractions from tech.

3. Even taking a bit of time to immerse yourself in videos of natural landscapes can have similar positive effects to the real thing.

4. If you’re feeling a bit burnt out working from home, try a short walk in a wooded area as this has been shown to boost productivity.

5. For a more full-service mood enhancer, try the healing powers of water. From babbling brooks to waterfalls and the widest oceans, water can make you happier, reduce anxiety and heighten your interest and inspiration.

6. Whichever way you consume your slice of nature, try to choose ones that speak to you – simply because you love them or because they’re novel, new and exciting.

7. Check out ZENB’s Bites of Nature podcasts and be inspired by lovers of the great outdoors, from botanists to rock climbers, as they share tales of the landscapes that motivate them.