Inspiring Insights: Author and Cook Jasmine Hemsley

1. Buy whole vegetables, there’s a use for almost every part 

It’s not often you can buy carrots or beetroots with their tops on, but they are out there. If we snap them up, we can encourage sellers to provide them like that so we can get more goodness from each crop. Fresh carrot tops are great in pesto’s (as part of the parsley family, they have a mild parsley flavour), beetroot leaves are delicious in soups, salads or wherever you would use spinach.

2. Use up leftover veg in soups and stews

I’m pretty sure my answer in most interviews to at least one question is “soups and stews!” and here I go again… When you have a surplus of veggies, then making them into soups and stews is the perfect way to enjoy them in a way that’s good for digestion without having to crunch and munch for hours! There are so many flavours and styles of soup, so it’s one way of adding variety to a glut of too much of the same veggies some months or a mish mash of veggies odds and ends during others.

3. Consider composting

Consider composting if you have a garden or using the food collection recycling facilities so that your food waste becomes green waste. Having moved from a flat to a garden 18 months ago, I’ve taken full advantage of having a compost heap — and in lockdown I treated myself to a wormery! My best friend lives on the same road but within a building that doesn’t have a food waste collection, so I’ve started to collect her food waste too which feels good all round for both of us.

Jasmine Hemsley is an author, cook and wellness expert with a philosophy on life that we totally love.

Keep your eyes peeled for new content on her Instagram @jasminehemsley. We’ve heard she’s got some big projects in the pipeline!